We speak out against employers and insurance companies about employment law and workers’ compensation issues.

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Our mission at Bennett & Ellison, P.C. is to serve our clients with the extensive knowledge we have gained in employment law, workers’ compensation, personal injury and criminal defense. We continually offer the finest in legal representation.

Our team of attorneys has experience in different areas of the law, so regardless of the issue at hand, your lawyer will have a thorough understanding of how to proceed. We have litigated against large companies and have resolved many difficult situations.

People throughout Maryland, D.C., Northern Virginia and California respect Bennett & Ellison, P.C.‘s history of professionalism and success.

Do Not Back Down In The Face Of Adversity

You have rights. You may feel helpless when you have a legal issue, especially when the opposing party is a large entity, but you are protected under the law. Our job as attorneys is to uphold those rights and work for the compensation or result you deserve.

Your attorney is your ally. That is how we view ourselves. We tackle all the legal challenges that others do not know how to approach on their own. We will explain everything that is happening with your case in language you can understand.

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